If you’re in the construction industry and use subcontractors, we can make staying compliant as easy as putting on your hard hat with our CIS Returns Service.

Just ask us to take care of your CIS returns today and working with subcontractors will become a lot simpler.

We already work with many clients in construction – so we can start right away, helping you:

  • Find out whether you need to register with the CIS – and get you registered if you do
  • Verify who your subcontractors are in a given month
  • Calculate what you need to pay them and the tax paid on their behalf
  • Complete your CIS returns – taking all the paperwork off your hands
  • Provide printed statements for each subcontractor

You can also direct all queries from subcontractors directly to 123 Easy Bookkeeping – if they have a question or want to confirm an amount, we’ll help.

Because it’s done at the same time, our CIS returns service fits in perfectly with our payroll and bookkeeping services – take a look to see how you can benefit.

Completing your CIS returns online helps us save you timeCompleting your CIS returns online helps us save you time

We complete your CIS returns online, making the process much faster. It also means we only need your figures by the 19th of the month – so you don’t need to rush and can stay focused on the job at hand.

Whatever the state of your books and returns, we’ll make sense of them and give you accurate management accounts so you know exactly where you stand.

Let the hassle of CIS return be a thing of the past – contact us or call 123 Easy Bookkeeping now on 01376 516584 to get started.