4 Key reasons to outsource your payroll

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As the best provider of payroll services Essex has to offer (if we do say so ourselves!), it may come as no shock that we firmly advocate that businesses outsource their payroll. You are probably already thinking that any business that openly brags in the very first line of a blog that they offer the best payroll services Essex has to offer might be more than a little biased on this topic (spoiler alert…we are!)

But we like to think we have earned the right to say we deliver the best payroll services Essex can offer. Founded way back in 2010, 123 Easy Books was the brainchild of our industrious MD, Cheryl Atkins. And although Cheryl started her career with the ambition to be the best bookkeeper Essex could boast, she also had dreams of creating a bookkeeping business that would offer her clients everything from bookkeeping, payroll and VAT returns, to CIS returns online, management accounts and even HR.

And now, 13 years later, 123 Easy Books has several full-time professional bookkeepers and payroll wizards, who work with many Essex-based businesses across a range of industries to deliver the absolute best payroll and bookkeeping services in Essex. So when we say we deliver the best payroll services Essex has to offer, we mean it!

So, back to the 4 key reasons why, unless you have your own in-house payroll team, you should outsource your payroll.

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Save yourself the headache!

Let’s face it. Unless you’re like us and get your kicks from crunching numbers (and believe us, we really do), getting payroll right every month is just a headache you could live without. By employing professional payroll experts like 123 Easy Books you will save yourself countless hours every month calculating your employee’s payroll. You can then use all of the hours you would have spent slaving over the books to focus on what you do best, successfully managing and growing your business!

Don’t get caught out by new regulations!

One of the most common reasons new clients will employ us to do their payroll is that they just can’t keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations HMRC put in place. They may have had someone in their team who was doing an adequate job of completing payroll each month, only for a new regulation to completely throw them. As the best provider of payroll services Essex has to offer, 123 Easy Books ensures compliance with any new regulations so you won’t face any penalty or legal issue resulting from incorrect payroll.

Keep your payroll data secure!

Another very important aspect of outsourcing your payroll is the peace of mind that your sensitive payroll data is safe. We use Xero, a secure cloud-based software that has the very best data encryption with secure storage systems. Xero ensures your employee data is safe from any unauthorised access. For more information on this amazing piece of software, take a look at our recent blog on the benefits of using Xero, or check out our dedicated Xero Facebook page.

And finally, keep your employees happy!

We have saved the most important reason on why you should outsource your payroll to last. Flawless payroll results in happy employees! In our experience, the quickest way to disgruntled employees is by either paying them incorrectly or even worse, late. By working with a professional payroll team like 123 Easy Books you ensure your team will be paid correctly, and on time. Believe us when we tell you how much trust this builds between you and your workforce, resulting in better employee satisfaction (and therefore productivity!)

For the best payroll services Essex can offer, think 123 Easy Books

So now that you know the reasons why you should outsource your payroll, why choose anyone else than the best payroll services Essex can offer, 123 Easy Books? Our friendly team of payroll experts will take all of the stress of payroll off of your hands, leaving you to focus on your business. And remember, it’s not just payroll that we excel at. We also offer the very best bookkeeping Essex has to offer, as well as VAT returns and CIS returns online. Contact our team to begin your 123 Easy Books journey.

123 Easy Books. Big enough to specialise but small enough to personalise.

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